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Examination Guide Line

Examination Guidelines for
Prime Education Public School

Dear Students, Parents, and Staff,
As we approach the examination period, it is important to ensure that everyone is well-informed about the guidelines and procedures to be followed. These guidelines are designed to maintain the integrity of our examination process and to provide a fair and conducive environment for all students. Please read and adhere to the following instructions carefully.

Special Accommodations
  1. Requests: If you require special accommodations due to medical or other reasons, please inform the school administration at least two weeks before the examination period.

  2. Implementation: Approved accommodations will be arranged and communicated to the student and their parents.

General Instructions

  1. Examination Timetable: Ensure you are familiar with the examination schedule, which will be posted on the school notice board and website. Arrive at the examination hall at least 15 minutes before the scheduled start time.

  2. Identification: Students must carry their school ID cards to every examination. IDs will be checked before entry into the examination hall.

  3. Attendance: Attendance is compulsory for all examinations. In case of illness or emergency, a written explanation along with relevant documentation must be provided to the school administration as soon as possible.

Conduct During Examinations

  1. Materials Allowed: Only the necessary stationery items (pens, pencils, erasers, rulers, etc.) and approved calculators (if specified) are allowed in the examination hall. All other materials, including mobile phones, smartwatches, notes, and electronic devices, are strictly prohibited.

  2. Seating Arrangement: Follow the seating plan assigned by the invigilators. Any changes must be approved by the examination supervisor.

  3. Behavior: Maintain silence and avoid any form of communication with other students during the examination. If you need assistance, raise your hand to attract the invigilator’s attention.

  4. Answer Booklets: Ensure that your name, roll number, and other required details are correctly filled out on the answer booklet. Use only the provided answer booklets and additional sheets.

Academic Integrity

  1. Cheating and Plagiarism: Any form of cheating, copying, or academic dishonesty will not be tolerated and will result in severe disciplinary action, including the possibility of suspension or expulsion.

  2. Examination Malpractice: Report any suspicious behavior or malpractice to the invigilator immediately. Protect the integrity of the examination process by adhering to ethical standards.

Parent and Guardian Responsibilities

  1. Support: Ensure your child is well-prepared, well-rested, and arrives on time for each examination.

  2. Communication: Stay informed about the examination schedule and any updates or changes by regularly checking the school’s communication channels